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Modern punch technology development

With the continuous improvement of science and technology and the rapid development of industrial production, automatic puncher as an important means of production in the modern industrial field - and more to reflect its unique superiority. In modern industrial production, due to the replacement of stamping products more frequently, and toward the complex ratio, diversification, high performance, high quality, high precision direction, so the business of automatic punch press technology development also proposed The higher the request. Especially in recent years, computer has a wider range of applications in the field of stamping design, which involves the design of fully automatic punch, also involves the design and manufacture of molds, it can be predicted that it will achieve more rapid progress in the near future . The development of fully automatic punch press can be summarized as follows:

(A) of the process design technology modernization:

      The traditional punch is based on manual discharge, so slow, and sometimes people and the machine is not good, can lead to accidents. Automatic punch to avoid such problems, it is based on automatic feeder work, the operator only need to set the relevant parameters, you can start working in the press only need to monitor the work on it.

(B) the height of the mold and the machine match

Mold using high-speed steel or tungsten steel, used in automatic presses, you can save the cost of the mold.

(C) the development and application of computer control box

Fully automatic punch press comes standard with a computer control box, a machine now a control point, you can control the operation of the box, you can also operate directly on the machine.

      In short, automatic punch as a market demand, high application products, now and in the future, whether using the traditional method or the latest research and development technology, will have a direct impact on the stamping production, product quality and manufacturing costs, and so is An extremely important technical job. In the future, we, Dongguan Miyoshi, will also be better and better customers on the market, to produce better automatic punch.

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