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High-end machine tool development must pay attention to the four aspects

In recent years, China vigorously develop aviation and career, therefore, machine tool as machinery manufacturing "source machinery", with its processing more difficult, and embarked on the high-end line, the machine tool industry by the high-tech aviation manufacturing and development driven, high-end The localization of machine tools technology will continue to improve, but the overall high-end machine tools in China still need to improve the overall level of technology in the next few years of development, the machine tool industry in our country will focus on improving the ability of independent innovation and improve the level of industrialization, Finally accelerate the upgrading of machine tool industry.

Well-known enterprises in the industry put forward four aspects for the high-end development of the machine tool industry, and made meager contributions to the high-end development of the machine tool industry.

First, open up new CNC machine tool market or upgrade the existing CNC machine tool market, promote the upgrading of ordinary machine tools and semi-automatic machine tools and eliminate the update. Great efforts to stimulate domestic demand for CNC machine tools, high-end machine tool industry to promote rapid escalation.

Second, pay close attention to technological transformation, and promote the overall upgrading of high-end CNC machine tools industrialization. We will make full use of preferential policies such as discounting by technological innovation in our country, focus on key issues, strengthen management, raise the capital input-output ratio, lay a good foundation and provide rapid development for technological innovation.

Third, actively implement the "high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment," the national science and technology, to create domestic environment for independent innovation technology, market-oriented, business as the theme to research institutions as the foundation, all-round drive our high-tech innovation .

Fourth, strengthen business management, save costs and improve efficiency. CNC machine tool enterprises to cut from the strengthening of internal management, carry out cost-effective actions to maintain the rational operation of capital flow, the rational allocation of human resources, to avoid waste of people and money, to ensure the normal operation of enterprises.

China's high-end machine tool industry is imperative, the degree of development of the machine tool industry to a certain extent represents the strength of all countries, affecting the country's world status, so the domestic high-end machine tool industry has become the major institutions, research institutions and enterprises of the heavy In the heavy.

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