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Teach you how to choose punch

High-speed precision punch technology has matured, the market more and more high-speed precision punch press, temporary customers difficult to choose from. As a high-speed precision punching machine manufacturer, I Sanhao punch factory suggested that customers choose from the following aspects of high-speed punch.

First, punch precision

High-speed punching are precision punching machine, which is suitable for small precision parts stamping process, and thus examine the accuracy of high-speed punch is particularly important. We recommend that customers purchase high precision JIS JIS standards, and precision within the range of 0.02mm high-speed punch


Second, punch lubrication system

Because high-speed punch stroke per minute (speed) is high, so the lubrication system requirements are high, and only with a forced lubrication system, and with lubrication abnormalities detection of high-speed punch can effectively reduce the punch due to lubrication failure probability.


Third, the core configuration punch

High-speed punch core configuration directly affects the level of its performance, life expectancy and failure rate, so the core configuration is also a measure of the quality of high-speed punch an important indicator of quality.

Fourth, punch bottom dead center detection and performance testing

We recommend that customers buy the factory before the strict dynamic bottom dead center detection, and in the "constant temperature constant speed", "constant temperature constant speed" and "temperature rise accelerated" three cases had at least 500,000 continuous high-speed performance test of the high-speed punch.

Five, punch technology services

Must be on the high-speed punch manufacturers on the installation and commissioning, homework training, warranty, supplies, wearing parts and technical guidance and other aspects of the policy and system to conduct a rigorous inspection.

Six punch safety precautions

Full protection measures include: sudden stop call, wrong operation, overload, emergency stop button and so on.

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