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Talking about the operation of CNC lathe - Safety awareness is very important

Talking about CNC lathe operation - Safety awareness is very important CNC lathe is now the most used in the processing of rotating body parts. Using a CNC lathe, it has more precision and efficiency advantages than an ordinary lathe. However, CNC lathes compared to ordinary lathes, due to fully automated, therefore, its working speed is very high compared to speaking. Therefore, the use of CNC lathe safety is particularly important.

Comparatively speaking, the safety performance of CNC lathe is much higher than the general car, but why there are so many safety accidents happen? The industry said that the reason why there will be many large and small safety incidents, the most important reasons are the following:

First of all: the operation is not standardized. According to statistics, among the safety accidents of CNC lathes, personal injury and property damage caused by improper operation account for over 40% of the total safety accidents. Therefore, when the processing unit carries out workpiece processing, it is a Important work.

Second: negligence.

Safety accidents due to operator negligence are also a big factor. For example: because of the luck and luck directly to the workpiece in the grinding process; in the loading and unloading of work pieces, inadvertently led to the workpiece failed to properly clamp.

Third: Machine trouble.

Machine fault is also an important safety hazard, especially for some second-hand machine users, even more so. Therefore, the solid precision that, if conditions permit, as much as possible to buy a new machine, if you really want to buy second-hand machine, then in the course of use, there should be better maintenance.

CNC lathe is a high-precision machine, only we use in the process, to eliminate non-standard use, have enough sense of responsibility to ensure a safe production and living environment, but also to ensure that people and property made full.

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