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Sensor CNC lathe in the end how important?

The sensor is a device that can sense the required measurement and convert it into usable output signal according to a certain rule. It is also the main part of the CNC lathe. Without it, the lathe can not recognize all kinds of signals and becomes manual. Input signal is often non-power, and the output signal is easy to handle power, such as voltage.

 There are a variety of industrial sensors for CNC machine tools are mainly linear grating, voltage sensors, speed sensors, Hall sensors, etc., can be used to detect position, speed, pressure, temperature and so on.


 CNC machine tools on the sensor requirements include:


 1. To meet the basic requirements of speed and accuracy.


 Low cost.


 3. Strong anti-interference and high reliability.


 Different types of CNC machine tools for the sensor requirements vary, generally speaking, large-scale machine tools to speed-based response, while high-precision and medium-sized CNC machine tools mainly based on the accuracy requirements. Sensor technology is the embodiment of machine tool quality factor.


 CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment is the equipment manufacturing industry, "a master machine", a country's machine tool industry technical level and product quality, is to measure the level of its equipment manufacturing industry an important symbol. China regards manufacturing as the foundation of its own country and the foundation of its great powers. It has extended the frontline for rejuvenating the manufacturing industry to 2025. An innovative force driven by "smart manufacturing" is being brewed domestically. The machine tools manufactured by Jia Speed Sewing Machine adopt a unique European design, which is highly efficient, energy-saving and complete in variety. It is mainly used in molds, military, aviation, Automotive, machinery and other industries, for a variety of different industries processing, has become a well-known brands.

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