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How to accept the purchase of new punch

New purchase of high-speed punch how to acceptance?

In the actual high-speed punch new acceptance of the work. Often there are many users that the newly purchased high-speed punch in the factory has done a complete inspection, while ignoring the accuracy of the punch acceptance, most of them are using the site installation only adjust the high-speed punch press, try processing parts After the test is qualified, it is considered high-speed punch acceptance has been completed.

For the convenience of the user, let's introduce how to check the newly purchased punch press:

The main purpose of the new punch test is to determine whether the press breaks the technical specifications of the table to determine whether the punch can accurately process the part according to the predetermined target. In many cases, the new punch acceptance is through the processing of a representative of the typical components to determine whether the punch through the acceptance. When the punch is used to specialize in processing a certain kind of parts. This method of acceptance is acceptable. However, for the more versatile CNC punch press, the test method for such cutting parts obviously can not provide enough information to accurately judge the overall accuracy of the punch press.

Only through the punch geometry and position accuracy of the test, to reflect the punch itself manufacturing accuracy. Therefore, these two tests should be based on the accuracy of the test, and then parts processing inspection, so that you can well test the punch of the processing performance. For the placement of new machines in the production line punch, but also through the ability to process and test the production cycle to judge punch ability.

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