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Ronnie 2017 year-ending party

Ronnie's 2017 year-ending party held on February 3, 2018 at 18:00 at the International Department of New Century Grand Hotel Held Held, here invited representatives of Chongqing Ernst, Taipei Ernst, as well as friends from all walks of life participate.

At the venue we set the sign-in wall, two beautiful warm welcome lady for the arrival of guests guide sign, we all have pictures in this, leaving a beautiful scene. Under the guidance of the staff, colleagues and guests all conducted check-in in an orderly manner and received lottery tickets, all of which were looking forward to winning the grand prize.

Into the venue, the stage playing the company's 2017 event picture display, accompanied by pleasant background music, we all revel in them, happy memories of the past year of 2017.

18:00 party began, the four hosts debut, "Dear leaders, colleagues, you worked hard in 2017! 2018, we continue to come on!"

First of all, by our great billion company's president Tang for the end of the evening party speech, Don total "you are not separated, I do not give up," deeply touched everyone, we are worth 100 million people is an excellent team, Style. Don always remarks inspirational, inspiring, we believe that success will not live up to their dreams and efforts of the Emperors, in 2018, each of the Ellillion are dreams to work together.


Then, in recognition of the outstanding staff of 2017 excellent deeds, Wang Fang, Shen Xiaoye, Xu Qin Yan, Yan Bao four people are honored to receive the annual outstanding staff, and managers by them awarded the outstanding staff trophy.


2017 has a very magical dance swept the world, the beauty of the Department of Quality Assurance dance "C miles C miles", attracting everyone's attention, the party into the activity center.


Business Department's dance "Give me a kiss", let us feel the youth is so hot, so full of passion, dancing with youth.


Important body, health is more important, the Ministry of Health lovely girls bring fitness dance "feel Meng Meng da," passionate, feel the vitality of young people.


Dance with songs, party full of warm passion, the venue from time to time heard applause screams. . . . . . One ViVi Taipei office to bring "PPAP" dance, the party to the climax, applause one after another.


Calligraphy masters came, the Ministry of Construction calligraphy representative peak waved, wrote the Eternal Prospect of the couplet couplet, the couplets: Ronnie people ambitious achievement ambitious Albert; Lianzhe: precision manufacturing innovation cast industry benchmark, horizontal batch: fly Huang Tengda, is even more exciting.

Allegro, performed by administrative, quality assurance and manufacturing representatives, "2017 Ronnie" also fully reflects the responsibilities of various departments of the company as well as their job roles. . . . . .

Exciting is the lucky draw, all my colleagues have the opportunity to award, awards are cash prizes, color TV, refrigerators, air conditioners, electric cars, etc., prizes everything. Whispering who, everyone is looking forward to.


Wheel lottery is over, there are lucky awards waiting for you!

Evening party "will be better tomorrow," the song came to a successful conclusion, but also wish Ronnie precision' tomorrow will be better!


Our pace of progress will never stop, our passion will never fade, our eternal theme will not change, Eternal hundred million people will always love each other.



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