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The first employee forum was held on May 27 in the training room

On May 27, 2017, the first employee symposium was held in the training room. In addition to more than 20 newly recruited employees, we also specially invited the management cadres of the company, such as Zhang Zhangliu and Liu Liu Mr. Chen, manager of the Department of Administration, Mr. Xu of the Quality Assurance Department and Chairman Wei of the Trade Union joined together.

At the symposium, the trade unions prepared refreshing fruits for everyone: small snacks such as watermelon, small tomatoes, raisins and biscuits for everyone to enjoy ......

First of all, President Wei, the trade union, explained the theme and purpose of this symposium and extended his hearty welcome to everyone's speeches. They urged everyone to express their opinions and engaged actively in speaking freely and without reservations.

The company is located in:

Next, we divided the groups into five groups of five with each team selected a team leader to speak on behalf of team members.

First of all, we did a warm-up activity, and we say hello to each other. "Good, very good, very good, getting better!" Let the attendees feel very full! Then, we did two actions, the first action - self-motivation, the slogan is: "I am really great!" Everyone loud voice, from the side also reflects the staff's confidence.

Later, we made a second move ------ inspire each other, the lines are: "Thank you for having you, you are good!" Full of confidence at the same time, we have not forgotten everyone help each other, sincerely thank each other.

After the warm-up warm-up activities, everyone was full of energy and returned to their respective group seat.

After that, an executive manager will speak to introduce the theme of the staff forum.

Next, we entered the self introduction section of new employees, took the game way, for the positive speech colleagues to rewards. My colleagues all competed to introduce myself.

After introducing ourselves, we reviewed the company's corporate culture, and I led you to browse the company's profile PPT. Liu, the manufacturing department, deliberately explained our production process, major equipment and production technology.

Later, we conducted an interactive exchange, all my colleagues actively participate in the speech to share the exchange results, including the following six elements:

① how to change their own roles, rapid integration into the company, the process of what experience;

② their own experience in the post, what are the difficulties or doubts encountered, or how to overcome.

③ personal career development planning and thinking of the company's development expectations;

④ face the choice of occupation, how to treat gains and losses;

⑤ the status of work and life, how they are treated or considered;

⑥ What is the need to improve on my own understanding (ability, character, etc.) and how to improve it?

This interactive exchange activity culminated in our symposium and won warm applause from colleagues.

After the interactive exchange session, we entered the collection of questions and suggestions of the process, the prepared notes will be distributed to each employee, participants can write their experience or the company's problems, suggestions, expectations and so on. Collected by the team leader later by the forum host. Here, President Wei Wei of the trade union and manager Chen Chen of the Ministry of Administration give answers to the questions raised by everyone.

Finally, led by personnel executives to appreciate the new staff direct superior evaluation and encouragement, so that staff encouraged!

This meaningful first employee forum ended with a warm applause from everyone. The smiling faces of my colleagues echoed in my mind. The scenes of active participation so far have made me unforgettable! Here, also warmly congratulate this employee seminar has achieved complete success!

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