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The company "performance management" training successfully concluded

In order to achieve the company's annual business objectives, management objectives, rectification performance appraisal system in 2017, the competent, cadre evaluation perfect, be fair, just and open! ! !

February 17-18, 2017, invited Dr. Wu from Zhejiang University of Business Administration to our company for lectures. More than 40 company management and key members from all departments attended the training. The company leaders attach great importance to the orderly arrangement of courses, a strong learning atmosphere, practical training content, precision. Training interactive discussion time, all members speak freely, express their views on the implementation of performance appraisal put forward constructive suggestions and ideas.

The trainees should apply what they have learned to their work practice and uphold the principle of "fairness, fairness and objectivity" and take charge of examining and appraising the staff of various departments so that the examination results can truly reflect the working conditions of the staff, find out the problems and promote the improvement. Encourage everyone to dedication, unity and mutual assistance, and promote the common development of staff and team to improve the quality of management efficiency, and constantly improve the performance of all aspects of the company's work to achieve the company's annual development goals! !

Precision machinery manufacturing

Precision machinery manufacturing

Precision machinery manufacturing

Precision machinery manufacturing

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