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Driver hydraulic wrench and hollow wrench difference

Driver hydraulic wrench and hollow wrench difference

Hydraulic transmission is a bit can transmit a lot of power, in fact, jacks are generally hydraulic, but the power source is the person Bale, and hydraulic relative to the mechanical drive for a small footprint, transmission distance, between the hydraulic pump to the cylinder rejection Hose in the past is good, but generally only for reciprocating motion, to do slewing motion to be additional institutions, the speed is very slow, so the hydraulic generally only slow motion for large resistance conditions.

Bolt workforce can not solve the problem, it is necessary to use hydraulic tools to help people to solve the use of hydraulic wrench must use hydraulic hoses to connect the hydraulic pump station, which is used, the hydraulic wrench is sub-driven hydraulic Torque wrenches, hollow hydraulic torque wrenches, the difference between them is the use of the need to drive the sleeve to connect with the nut, and hollow type hydraulic wrench directly on the nut can be used directly, select these two types of wrench not only on the work Conditions require space also requested, we can describe by the customer, customers choose the most suitable tools for customers to help customers solve problems, of course, complex conditions, not standard bolts, we can send technical staff to the scene to understand , Then develop the best solution. Whether it is pre-sale or after-sale, we will seriously and quickly help customers solve the problem, to meet customer requirements.

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