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What is hydraulic lifting platform

8n = 49000n work on the hydraulic lifting platform, the primary load for the gravity load. Through these institutions cooperate with each other, to achieve the same lift and reliable operation. When more adjacent components, the location of each hole is not easy to determine. The longest dimension of hydraulic lift truck is 2 000 mm × 2 500 mm (height × width). The maximum weight is 5 t and the height of lift is 0.55 m. . In order to make the structure has a good invariance, reliability and control accuracy, to determine a reasonable mechanical structure design, the system must be modeled. 48l / min Shenyang Industrial University undergraduate graduation design 13 look-up table [4] gear pump cb3-.

1 hydraulic lifting platform work cycle map underground garage lifting platform ascent and descent action cycle as shown in Figure 6. Computer interface should also be unified and compatible. Vertical reincarnation class, code-named cx; refers to the vehicle carrier in the vertical plane to do continuous reincarnation to achieve the vehicle access function of parking equipment; horizontal reincarnation class, code-named sx; is the vehicle carrier in the horizontal plane Lift into two or more than two rows to do continuous reincarnation shift between columns to achieve the vehicle access function of parking equipment. 6 calculation and selection of hydraulic components. Another way to prevent the pallet from falling off during operation due to pipeline rupture is to install the ball valve around the hydraulic cylinder. When the pipe is cut apart for some reason, the ball logic cut off immediately, so that the pressure oil in the cylinder can not flow out , Pallets will not be crashed, causing smashing car thing.

The first chapter of the hydraulic lifting platform overview Hydraulic lifting platform is a multi-purpose lifting handling machinery and equipment. Other In the pump start containment, relief valve should be unloading; relief valve setting pressure shall not exceed the maximum pressure of the hydraulic system; should try to keep the voltage of the solenoid valve unchanged, otherwise it may lead to coil heating. Holophane series than fluorescent lamps every lamp costs are higher. The modal analysis of the stage structure in this paper belongs to the linear elastic element, and the material features in the structure are constant. Change the oil while cleaning the filter, the filter element before the installation of the filter material is really clean the bottom of the filter dirt. Adjust the relief valve from the beginning. Fixed hydraulic lift movements Anjing structure, low failure rate, reliable operation, safe and efficient, simple and convenient maintenance, affordable. Look-up table rod diameter ratio d / d, generally according to the following principles: When the piston rod is pulled, the general pull d / d = 0 3-0.

Hydraulic lift platform is generally used in various industrial enterprises such as automobile, container, mold manufacturing, wood processing, chemical filling and production lines to meet the needs of different homework movements. At the same time, it can be equipped with various types of tabletops , With turntable, steering, tilting, telescopic), with all kinds of restraint system (moving, linkage, explosion), with steady and accurate lift, frequency is still started, heavy load and so on, Difficulties, so easy to produce homework. 5t. The flow of the pump is the statics analysis of the stage lifts using the finite element software. The deformation and stress situation of the stage lifts are analyzed. The displacement and stress of the longest deformation are obtained to ensure that Components meet the design requirements, improve the safety of lifting platform.

Lifting platform lifting system, is driven by hydraulic, it is called electro-hydraulic lifting platform. 2 lifts mechanical structure and the concept of mind....................................... .1 vertical lifting category, code Is cs; refers to the parking spaces distributed around the hoistway, through the lift carrier in a dedicated hoistway to do lifting movements to achieve the vehicle access function of parking equipment. 1.2 Fixed Hydraulic Lifter Product Introduction Fixed hydraulic lifts is a good lift stability, combined with a wide range of cargo lifts equipment is mainly used for production line height difference between the cargo transport; material on-line, off-line; when the workpiece assembly Adjust the height of the workpiece; high feeder to feed; large equipment timing components lifting; large-scale machine tool feeding, cutting; storage and handling sites and forklifts and other moving vehicles supporting cargo fleetly loading and unloading.

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