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Servo motor maintenance and care to note

First, the servo motor maintenance and repair

1, although the servo motor has a high degree of protection, can be used in dusty, damp or droplet invasion of the place, but it does not mean that you can put it in the water to work, it should be relatively clean Environment.

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2, if the servo motor is connected to a reduction gear, use the servo motor should be sealed, to prevent the reduction gear oil into the servo motor.

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3, Regularly check the servo motor, to ensure that there is no fatal external damage;

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4, regularly check the fixed parts of the servo motor to ensure a solid connection;

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5, regularly check the servo motor output shaft, to ensure smooth rotation;

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6, regularly check the servo motor encoder cable and servo motor power connector to confirm the connection is solid;

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7, regularly check the cooling fan servo motor is rotating properly;

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8, timely clean up the dust on the servo motor, oil, to ensure that the servo motor in the normal state;

Second, to protect the servo motor cable

1, to ensure that the cable is not subject to external bending force or its own weight and moment or vertical load, especially at the cable outlet or junction.

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2. With the servomotor moving, secure the cable to a stationary part (relative to the motor) and extend it with an additional cable in the cable support so that the bending stress can be minimized .

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3, the cable bend radius to be as large as possible.

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4, servo motor cable do not immerse in oil or water.

Third, determine the allowable shaft servo motor load

1. Make sure that the radial and axial loads applied to the servomotor shaft during installation and operation are within the specified limits for each model.

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2, be careful when installing a rigid coupling, especially excessive bending load may lead to shaft end and bearing damage or wear

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3, the best use of flexible coupling, so that the radial load is below the allowable value, this is designed for high mechanical strength servo motor design.

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4, on the allowable shaft load, see the instruction manual.

Fourth, servo motor installation considerations

1, Do not hammer the shaft end directly with the hammer when installing / removing the coupling part to the servo motor shaft end. (If the hammer beats the shaft end directly, the encoder at the other end of the servo motor shaft will be knocked out)

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2, try to make the shaft end to the best state (otherwise it may lead to vibration or bearing damage)

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