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High-speed precision press basic maintenance and repair

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A, oil system

1, whether the oil spill

2, the oil pressure is normal

3, tubing is aging or broken (should check the tubing once a month)

4, clean the oil supply system

5, whether the hydraulic clamping leak, oil spill, the pressure is normal (240KG) above

B, gas system

1, duct deformation or rupture

2, three combinations, whether the air filter dirt or moisture, automatic fuel injector is fuel or drip.

3, the pressure is normal

4, whether the rotary joint leakage

C, mechanical parts

Clutch system:

1, to make films whether the mill;

2, whether there is screw loose

3, brake function

4, other


1, idling is flexible

2, whether there is abnormal noise

3, add butter once a month

D, accuracy testing

1, parallelism

2, integrated gap

3, verticality

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