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Application Punch the most favorable production technology conditions

Punch manufacturing belongs to the metal forming machine manufacturing industry inside a category. Punch is a sheet metal stamping automation equipment, can be a material in accordance with the set procedures in different locations to complete a number of the same or different punching, forming and other processing technology. Widely used in automotive, home appliances, electrical, machinery, military and other industries.

First, the basic situation of the industry (a) the basic situation of the machine tool industry 1, classification of China Machine Tool Industry Machine tool refers to the ability to complete the car, milling, planing, shearing, bending, boring, grinding, stamping, drilling and other mechanical processing equipment collectively . According to the statistical classification standard of China Machine Tool Industry Association, the machine tools industry is divided into three categories: metal cutting machine tools (car, milling, planing, grinding machines, etc.), metal forming machines (forging, casting, stamping equipment), tools and accessories. Metal forming machine tool industry, the annual output value of the machine tool industry accounts for about 1/8. Metal forming machine is divided into forging equipment, casting equipment and stamping equipment three, the main products for the press, bending machines, shears, presses, hydraulic presses, mechanical presses, laser cutting machine, coil processing equipment, casting equipment Wait. 2, the development of China's machine tool industry As a machine tool "industrial machine", in the process of national industrial development has an important strategic significance. However, for a long time, China's machine tool industry mechanism is poor, heavy burden, weak foundation, backward technology, at a disadvantage in international competition, so that the domestic consumption of high-end machine tool products are basically monopolized by foreign manufacturers, the development of China's manufacturing industry The national strategies of big and powerful countries have a negative impact. However, China's machine tool industry has developed rapidly. As of the end of 2011, according to the statistics of the Machine Tool Industry Association, the number of enterprises with the output value of more than 20 million yuan in China was 4,385.

      In 2011, the gross value of industrial output and product sales of the machine tool industry continued to maintain a relatively high level of growth, with the output of metal processing machine tools surpassing 1 million units. China will continue to be the largest machine tool producer and consumer in the world. China's machine tool industry in recent years the rapid development has laid a good foundation. The implementation of major science and technology projects boosted the independent innovation of enterprises, high-end product research and development and the industrialization of middle and high-end products. The rapid development of the past 10 years has greatly improved the technological conditions of enterprises. "The work of machine tool industry during the" 12th Five-year Plan " Key Points (Trial Implementation) "clearly defined the direction in which the machine tool industry was greatly strengthened and pointed out the key tasks of the industry during the" 12th Five-Year Plan "period and the major measures taken. The three major established goals are: to make breakthroughs in the provision of equipment and services in the key manufacturing areas of key industries; significantly increase the domestic market share of mid- and high-end CNC machine tools and significantly increase the domestic market share of mid- to high-end CNC systems and functional components ; Forming a number of world famous brands and superior enterprises. The larger technological gap and lower localization rate determine the huge space for domestic enterprises. At present, China's machine tool industry in material technology, punch design and development, spare parts and other aspects are still a large gap between the overall; domestic self-sufficiency rate of less than 70%. These gaps show that China's machine tool industry is still in its growth stage, there is still huge room for development. China Punch has determined the position of equipment manufacturing industry as a strategic industry. The state encourages and guides the procurement of domestic machine tool equipment through various policies.

      In the future, the world's punch machine tool manufacturing industry will gradually shift to Asian countries, China's machine tool industry will appear "to replace the import → export → functional parts localization" evolution, China's machine tool industry is facing tremendous opportunities for development. (1) China's Machine Tool Consumption Value Since 2002, with the arrival of a new round of economic boom and years of accumulation, the machine tool industry in China has started to recover gradually and accelerated after 2004. According to the 2009 world machine tool production data released by Cardena, the output value of machine tool in China topped the list from the third in the world in 2008 in 2009, while the import and consumption ranks the first in the world for eight consecutive years, ranking the world six. According to statistics from the Machine Tool Association, in 2009, China's consumption of machine tools was 19.786 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 38. 64% of the world's machine tool consumption in that year, surpassing the sum of the second and eighth national consumption values. In 2010 and 2011, China's machine tool consumption was 28.48 billion U.S. dollars and 39.99 billion U.S. dollars respectively, an increase of more. 2008-2011 Consumption Value of Domestic Metalworking Machine Tools (2) China's Machine Tool Consumption As a Percentage of China's Machine Tool Consumption in the World, China is the largest consumer of punch presses, accounting for more than 35% of the world's total machine tool consumption. 86%. In 2009, the proportion of machine tool consumption in the world's major machine tool consuming countries accounted for 38.86% of China's machine tool consumption. (3) China's Machine Tool Industry Output Value and Consumption Value China's machine tool industry has developed rapidly. From 2007 to 2011, the average growth rate of industrial output value was 27% and the average sales output value increased by 25%. (4) Import and export of machine tools in China The import and export of machine tools in China have maintained a deficit in recent years. Imports are generally high-end machine tools. Exports are generally in the low-end machine tool.

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