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2016 Haiyan Industrial Conference held

(Jiaxing Daily) April 15, Haiyan County held in 2016 county industrial conference. The meeting took stock of the achievements in the development of Haiyan industry in the past year and awarded and awarded the technological innovation industrial enterprises, the top ten tax-paying industrial enterprises and outstanding entrepreneurs of the county in 2015, and signed the project on site. County leaders Shen Xiaohong, Zhang Jian, Cai Zhichang, Sun Xiongwei attended the meeting.

Since last year, in the face of the extremely complicated and severe macro-environment, the county has vigorously implemented the "415 Project" and "Three Doubting Plans", has done a good job in building the featured platform, merging the "two cultures," and "changing the four for three." Work, the quality of industrial economy and the rising efficiency, showing a steady and rapid development of the good momentum. In 2015, the county's total industrial output value reached 81.39 billion yuan, an increase of 10.5% over the same period of last year; the proportion of the output value of strategic emerging industries increased to 61.4%; the number of enterprises in the county increased to 497; Comprehensive evaluation of strong counties (cities, districts) advanced units, industrial counties overall competitiveness ranking rose to No. 9 in the province.

Shen Xiaohong, secretary of the county party committee, pointed out: Industry is the soul of industry, the foundation of people's livelihood and the foundation of strong counties. To build a modern coastal city with high quality, beautiful environment and elegant life, we must always unswervingly adhere to the strategy of industrial county economy. Hope sea salt entrepreneurs can correctly view the situation, and firmly develop confidence. We must enhance our confidence from the better and better policy environment, enhance our confidence from the conditions for the continuous improvement of Haiyan, rely on a drive that is not easily bowed, unconsciously servile, aggressive and tenacious, clenched our teeth and face difficulties On the one hand, the pressure brought about by the difficulties and challenges will continue to be transformed into a motive force for promoting self-development, and efforts will be made to turn the corner of life into crisis and to surpass the trend.

Shen Xiaohong stressed that all enterprises should firmly seize the space created by the current moderate economic slowdown, and strive to find a short board, short board, make up for shortcomings, hard skills, improve quality, speed up the transformation, in order to seize the "13th Five-Year" new A round of development opportunities, to achieve better and faster development and lay a solid foundation. We should take scientific and technological innovation as the central link in improving, improving and efficiency upgrading of enterprises and continuously improve the modern production level of enterprises. We should learn from the modern management concepts and methods, speed up the establishment of a modern enterprise system and effectively improve the efficiency of enterprise management. Talented people lead, continue to strengthen the docking with high-end talent, effectively bigger and stronger enterprises and sea salt economic and social development to provide strong support.

To assume social responsibility is not only an obligation of entrepreneurs, but also the best propaganda of corporate image. Shen Xiaohong requires all entrepreneurs to firmly establish the overall situation awareness, take a sense of entrepreneurship and innovation, hard-working to get rich at the same time, make more contributions to the development of hometown. To attract more quality projects for the hometown, mostly responsible for the construction of hometown environment, and more for the elders to do some livelihood and practical things for the building of a harmonious society to accumulate more positive energy.

Enterprise is the basic cell of social economy, but also an important strategic resource for the development of Haiyan, to help enterprises grow and develop, and the party committees and governments should not let down. Shen Xiaohong stressed that all levels of the county's departments should stand in the county development overall height, and further establish the "policy has a bottom line, service without limit" awareness, vigorously innovate and carry forward the "second shop" spirit, to support the development of enterprises as a major Work hard to grasp the job, and actively optimize the policy environment, take the initiative to improve service levels to help enterprises solve problems and support enterprises bigger and stronger, and further create respect for labor, advocating entrepreneurship and respect for entrepreneurs, caring for entrepreneurs social atmosphere for businesses Good development of soft environment, and continuously enhance the economic development of the staying power.

At the meeting, Zhang Jian, deputy secretary of county and county magistrate, reviewed the achievements of Haiyan Industry during the 12th Five-year Plan period and looked forward to 2016. Zhang Jian pointed out that standing at a new starting point for development, sea salt enterprises should maintain "bloody + rational" not only to be afraid of difficulties and fearless challenges, but also to talk about ways and tactics, taking the opportunity to move; to implement "characteristics + green" While maintaining its focus and innovation, it should assume the social responsibilities of enterprises. It is necessary to promote "technological reform + stock reform", integrate resources for listing, pursue technological progress and eliminate backward production capacity.

At the meeting, Zhejiang Jinyuan Flax Co., Ltd. and other 10 enterprises were awarded the title of Key Export Industrial Enterprises of Haiyan in 2015; 10 enterprises of Zhejiang Hanpu Power Technology Co., Ltd. were awarded the title of 2015 Haiyan Technical Innovation Industrial Enterprises; Qinshan Nuclear Power Group Group of 10 companies by the 2015 Haiyan top ten tax-paying industrial enterprises title; Ji'an Group Co., Ltd. Wu Mingwu and other 10 entrepreneurs were awarded the title of 2015 Haiyan outstanding entrepreneurs. This conference focused on signing 27 projects. Among them, six foreign-funded projects with a total investment of 210 million U.S. dollars and 16 domestic-funded projects with a total investment of 7.495 billion yuan. Meeting also invited Lingyun, deputy director of the provincial Economic Commission for the keynote speech.

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